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Thursday, October 09 2014

Does the task of outfitting a tot seem trying? You’re not alone in that sentiment. Jennifer Parker, a mom of three and contributor for the parenting resource, describes typical scenarios that a lot of parents experience that make dressing toddlers a bit of a challenge sometimes:

It’s a cold, wet, and windy day and your toddler is bouncing around the house wearing a cool summer dress and insisting they go outside and play. Worse is when your toddler refuses to wear any clothes. Every parent has experienced this at some time and it can be incredibly frustrating. Short of tackling them to the ground and forcing them to dress, how do you balance their need to assert their independence with your need to keep them warm?


Getting Your Toddler dressed can be fun


Parker listed down tips to make the task more fun. She suggests trying to understand why the child doesn’t want to dress up when those situations arise and involving the toddler in choosing clothes, so they can assert independence in their own little way. “When all else fails, make a game of it,” Parker writes, and concludes, “If you change your perspective and look at dressing your toddler as a way to engage with them in a fun way, instead of it being a chore, you will find that your dressing woes will disappear.”

You know another thing you can do to get your toddler on board with dolling up? Shop for comfy chic getups together in an online baby boutique that carries quality apparel. You and your tot can browse through the outfits from fashionable baby clothing brands and agree on the outfits that he/she is going to wear. Again, this helps in the self-reliance that children their age are particularly known for.
Unlike other upscale parents who force their own style onto their little sons or daughters, you must select age-appropriate attire that he/she will want to wear. You might think of them as tiny humans, but they won’t always appreciate what you like, especially if you have an edgy, high-fashion taste. Instead, find clothing that’s both comfortable and stylish for your little “fashionista”.

Fabulous online baby boutiques like Tiny Muffins Boutique give you various outfit options, including hand-smocked clothes made of stretchy, lightweight fabric designed tastefully for toddlers. Check out their trendy dresses, rompers, or outfit sets, super cute tops, and even some cozy outerwear for frostier days.


(Source: Getting Your Toddler Dressed Can Be Fun, Publication, Date, 2014)

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